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SeekingHelp 7-Apr-2019 12:29 PM

Seeking Antenna Recommendation
I am trying to help my sister in Crest Hill, IL figure out a good antenna choice to get the major networks from downtown Chicago OTA. I tried a small, flat 1byone indoor antennna mounted in the living room (not the attic) and, while 20 channels were found, there was considerable pixelation. Below is the link to the TV fool location report for her home. I am thinking of trying an attic-mounted TV antenna. Would either the Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V or DB8e be a good attic-mounted option? Would one be better than the other for her location? Any other recommendations?

Roof-mounted might also be an option and possibly easier in terms of getting the cable to the location where all the connections for the coax runs to TV outlets throughout the house come together. I would just have to verify any homeowner association restrictions.


JoeAZ 7-Apr-2019 1:25 PM

Greetings Seekinghelp!

A HOA cannot impede, restrict, or prohibit an outdoor antenna except in very, very rare circumstances like being in a "historically" designated area. I like the Winegard 7694P in your case. It will cover all the major stations quite well. The antennas direct clearstream 4v would also be a good choice
but is considerably more expensive. Be sure to avoid nearby trees as they play havoc with signals. If your sets have signal meters, use them to obtain the best location on or near your roof. Keep your cable runs as short as possible using RG6. Be sure to ground your antenna and be safe on your roof! Good Luck!

SeekingHelp 7-Apr-2019 3:48 PM

Thanks, JoeAZ!

Tower Guy 7-Apr-2019 7:10 PM

The three antennas that I would consider for that location are the RCA ANT 751, Winegard HD 7694P or the Channel Master Digital Advantage 3016.

I hesitate to suggest the Channel Master because there are two models called 3016, one that covers low band channels 2-6 and the other doesn’t. The digital advantage is the correct model, the Advantage is the one that covers 2-6 plus 7-51.

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