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rustyk 16-Apr-2014 11:54 AM

TV Antenna System Design Help
The time has come... no more cable or satellite. I moved and would like some "expert" help designing an antenna system for my new house. First the TV Signal Analysis Results:

I would like to receive Virtual ch 8,21,27,33,43, and 49. I do not want to use a rotor.

Your input on antenna, preamp and distribution amp would be of great help.

Tower Guy 16-Apr-2014 4:31 PM

Try an ANT751 without a preamp or distribution amp. The trick will be to find the compromise aim between FOX and the group at 274 degrees.

rustyk 16-Apr-2014 5:12 PM

Should I get 2 and point them 174 & 202?

teleview 17-Apr-2014 7:05 PM


Install 1 Tv antenna.

Above the roof install a , ,

HBU11K antenna

aimed at about 240 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Use a Real and Actual magnetic compass to aim the HBU11K antenna , do not trust a cell phone compass.

As always , the starting antenna aim direction is the -->starting antenna aim direction.

The antenna aim direction can be adjusted for best reception.

Most Digital Tv's have a Signal Strength Meter and some Digital Tv's also have a Signal Quality Meter.


A antenna system amplifier is not required for 1 , 2 , 3 , Tv's connected.

rustyk 28-Apr-2014 1:36 PM

I put up the HBU11 and it seems to work well for all the stations I wanted to receive. However I do have an issue, channel 8 (real channel 49) has a signal level of 85 but still goes to 0 for a few seconds and then back to 85. This happens in both when it's clear raining. Any ideas on how to keep the signal steady?

Tower Guy 28-Apr-2014 1:57 PM

You have two stations that show up as channel 8. The one on channel 8 is likely to have the problem that you describe. You want the one on real channel 49. To get the second channel 8 try 8-2, 8-3, 8-4, etc. You could also try deleting channel 8 in the set-up menu and see if the channel 49 signal pops into 8-1.

rustyk 28-Apr-2014 1:59 PM

I also went to Antennas Direct website and ask them what I would need. This is the response:
VHF Add-On
PA18 Preamp
CDA4 – 4 way dist amp

Seems a bit overkill to me or is it?

rustyk 28-Apr-2014 2:03 PM

The channel I have the problem with is real ch 49. Ch 8 is weaker so I removed it.

Tower Guy 28-Apr-2014 2:41 PM

Adding both a preamp and a distribution amp is silly. Yet a preamp might fix your WGAL problem.

Tower Guy 28-Apr-2014 3:24 PM

Try raising or lowering your antenna by about one foot to see if you can capture more signal from channel 49.

ADTech 28-Apr-2014 5:03 PM

The pre-amp and distribution amp were added because Russ specifically asked for them.

I didn't work up that inquiry, but I'd drop the PA18 and maybe keep the distribution amp (depending on the distribution network). You have multiple signals that are too strong for most pre-amps and most of your signals are plenty strong so as to not need amplification.

WGAL operates multiple transmitters, two of which should be readily receivable at your location, depending on where you've put your antenna (you didn't say). Their primary transmitter near York operates on VHF 8 at almost 60 kW transmit power which places it into the "very strong" signal category in most places. However, you do have a 200' ridge in the signal path about 5 miles away, so the VHF signal that makes it to your location has been diffracted "bent" over that hill. The diffraction does two things: It weakens the signal somewhat and it often causes the signal to form into separate alternating layers of weak and strong signal zones. Because of the wavelengths of high-VHF, you might find that these layers might be several yards apart. Moving your antenna is the best choice to try to get it.

WGAL's second transmitter operates at 15 kW on UHF 49 from Harrisburg with a directional transmitting antenna that puts about 10 kW in your direction. On terrain obstacles, but the signal is still calculated to be of moderate strength at your distance. TG's suggestion to move the antenna is the best one.


has a signal level of 85 but still goes to 0 for a few seconds and then back to 85. This happens in both when it's clear raining. Any ideas on how to keep the signal steady?
This symptom is of interference, not weak signal. Usually the interference will either be from multi-path (reflections, etc) or from local electronic sources which *might* include cellular or 4G wireless services, if you have any cell towers very close by.

To combat multi-path, the usual remedy is either relocation of the antenna or using a more directional antenna.

teleview 28-Apr-2014 6:35 PM


The Tv signals are being over amplified , Disconnect and Remove All Parts of the PA-18 Preamplifier , disconnect and remove the preamp unit , dis connect and remove the power injector/power supply.

A distribution amplifier is most likely not required.

Over amplifying signals will make reception worse.


Is the HBU11K antenna installed Above The Peak Of The Roof in such a manner that reception is not , obstructed , impeded , blocked , by the roof and building in the directions of , West , South South West ??

Your reception location has strong local WGAL signals on channel Real channel 49 at 286 degree magnetic compass direction and Real channel 8 at 216 degree magnetic compass direction.

The 240 degree magnetic compass starting antenna aim direction is the starting antenna aim direction.

The antenna aim direction is adjusted for best reception.

As Always , trees and tree leaves , plants and plant leaves , have a Negative Effect on Broadcast Tv Reception and so do buildings and other obstructions including your own roof and building.

Some and not all Negative Effects are.

Absorbing and Blocking Reception.

Multi-Path Reflecting Tv Signals Bouncing All Around.

The Best Practice for Reliable Reception is to install the antenna at a location that has the least amount to no amount of obstructions of any type or kind in the directions of reception including your own roof and building.

The directions of reception at your location are , West , South South West.

WGAL has more then 1 transmitter for improved reception of WGAL signal.

The antenna aim and antenna location can adjusted for best reception.

Most Digital Tv's have a Signal Strength Meter and some Digital Tv's also have a Signal Quality Meter.

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