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AlpharettaTom 13-Feb-2011 3:44 PM

Atlanta / Alpharetta OTA Channel List
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Attached you will find an Excel list of OTA channels for the Atlanta (more accurately Alpharetta) area.

I can receive all of these channels with an HDX1000 antenna I bought from Radio Shack . . . and its not even on the roof yet. It's just sitting in a lawn chair in my back yard pointing roughly toward due South (180 degrees from Alpharetta)

I took me hours to understand and assemble this sheet. The distance and heading sections will help only Alpharetta folks but I hope the rest will help some fellow Atlantans out there too.

What I paid for the antenna and RG6 cable I can make back in approx ONE month of Comcast Cable bill savings.

Enjoy FREE TV - The way (nature?) intended it to be !!! :D

This list is current as of Feb 13, 2011

No static at all 13-Feb-2011 3:55 PM

Nice job on the spreadsheet!! A friend of mine has one of those HDX1000's & is pleased with it's performance as well. Even though we put up a 91XG to help out with some weaker UHF stations, he still uses the HDX1000 for DX'ing.

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