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Collector 9-Feb-2010 10:24 PM

KVPA-TV 42 LP Phoenix not in database
I'm new to the forum but entered to investigate this LP TV. No search of your site generates any listing at all but the stations' in the FCC and wikipedia databases.

mtownsend 10-Feb-2010 5:20 AM

KVPA-LP was sold to Liberman Broadcasting as of December 30, 2008. User reports at the time indicated that the signal was no longer being detected and was presumed to be off the air.

The data record was removed from our database because all reports indicated that the signal was nowhere to be found.

If you are saying that the signal has returned to the air, then we can restore the database record.

Trip 11-Feb-2010 6:35 AM

If it's not on the air yet, it should be very soon. The FCC just recently assigned it a TSID. In fact, it's the very latest station to receive one.

- Trip

Trip 14-Feb-2010 1:46 AM

My sources now confirm KVPA-LD is on the air.

- Trip

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