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WilliamAtwood 23-May-2017 11:59 PM

CBFT and CBMT in Montreal
CBFT and CBMT were Channel 2 and Channel 6 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They are now:
CBFT (virtual 2.1) real channel 19
CBMT (virtual 6.1) real channel 21

They are very strong, but do not show at all on the radar map for my location. The antennas for these stations are on the same tower as:
CFTM (10.1/10)
CFCF (12.1/12)
CFJP (35.1/35)
which is at true azimuth 86 degrees, and distance 10.7 miles, LOS, from my location.

I also tried a different postal code on the island of Montreal, with the same result.

Please add these two stations to your database.

ADTech 24-May-2017 2:21 PM

They are in there, just click on the "Pending" button.

The problem is that Industry Canada never updated their database that feeds the FCC database from which this site gets its data. Until IC does their task, this will be a known issue.

rabbit73 24-May-2017 2:37 PM

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Welcome to the forum WilliamAtwood, and thank you for the update.

I'm not a member of the staff, but there is a shortage of people to keep the database current.

I think the problem is going to get worse with the many channel assignments being changed as a result of the shrinking UHF TV band.

Your tvfool report should look something like this:

If you click on Pending All channels in your report, CBFT and CBMT will be listed at the top, but the virtual channel numbers will be wrong.

What I have to do, when I'm helping someone with a reception problem, is to check with Wiki and For example, with CBFT:

The Display Channel is the same as the virtual channel, and the Physical Channel is the same as the real channel.

When I help people on the Canadian forum, most seem to be aware of the problem with the tvfool reports.

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