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tally 16-Sep-2010 3:48 AM

Best Antenna @ Best Price
I am very new to this. I just want an antenna that gives me excellent HDTV reception with the ability to get as many channels as possible without spending a fortune. I would like to keep the antenna cost around or under $75 if possible. I am looking for the best bang for your buck antenna that also provides the best reception. My report is below.

Some details about my installation. Will be installed on a roof of a 2 storey home (that is why I said 25ft). My home backs up against a large hill blocking the south, which may not be a problem. I know the hill does affect our cell phone service.

Thanks for the help.

John Candle 16-Sep-2010 7:36 AM

Tv Reception
This is bang for the buck. . Winegard HD7695P , direct the antenna at 260 magnetic compass. The Winegard HD antennas are Heavy Duty Construction and have a built in connection point so that coax cable can be connected directly to the antenna. No antenna amplifier is needed as the Tv signals are very strong at your location. Can you by cheeper antennas ? Yes you can. However you will not get bang for the buck.

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