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Chey_user 15-Nov-2011 7:11 AM

Reception help in Cheyenne
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I am needing advice selecting and placement of antenna.

I am attempting to pick up local channels, CBS (5.1), Fox (27.1), NBC (13), and Wyoming PBS (8.1).

I live in brick house with large trees in surrounding yards. I can place antenna in attic but prefer upstairs location. Nothing on roof is wanted

I have an amplified RCA indoor antenna with digital tuner box that does even hold the CBS signal very well. I am planning to purchase new TV with digital tuner that may help.

I just noticed good reviews for a Philips SDV6122 Indoor HDTV Antenna SDV6122/27 964 on Amazon for $24 that may work for me.

Our DirecTV installer recommended TERK.

I appreciate any suggestions on antenna selection and placement. I would prefer two inexpensive set-ups pointing in different directions over a high dollar antenna.

GroundUrMast 15-Nov-2011 7:33 PM

Your choice to exclude an outdoor installation limits your access to many signals.

I would concur with the Direct TV installer by recommending the TERK HDTVi. You will need to experiment with placement upstairs or in the attic. Some brick construction is quite effective at blocking radio and TV signals.

KCWY-NBC is transmitting from Casper, WY about 135 miles NW of Cheyenne on real channel 12. You simply have no hope of receiving their signal. Their only translator, K28HL serves Shoshoni. It's further away and also far too distant and weak to receive in Cheyenne.

The only NBC station I find listed on your report that is available to Cheyenne viewers is KUSA out of Denver, CO. Reception would require a large deep-fringe outdoor antenna such as the Winegard HD7698P equipped with a quality low noise preamp.

Chey_user 18-Nov-2011 7:37 AM

Cheyenne reception follow-up
Thank you. I appreciate your recommendations. Oddly enough, I am picking up one station KTWO-SD (ABC) with the amplified RCA antenna that is not revealed thru online searches. When I run for my address, it does identify a NBC station tower (KCHY-LP Real channel 13, (lt green vhf) at 75 deg, 5.4 mi.. I have not been able to receive it or any of the 2 PBS station signals with my current setup, so I am planning to purchase Terk. Would you recommend the amplified, Terk HDTVa? If it doesn't work, I would consider a small outside antenna positioned at discrete location. I noticed Terk has a small outside antenna option.

ADTech 18-Nov-2011 4:06 PM

KTWO is carried as standard-def -2 sub-channel on KLWY. It's that station you're actually receiving...

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