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OtaInSanDiego 15-Mar-2014 11:12 PM

Review of Solution: Whole-House OTA in San Diego using Indoor Antenna
I posted a question earlier, so felt I should post a follow-up on the solution and results...

I ended up putting a Mohu Sky in an upstairs closet (walkin), facing roughly SW (@225'ish degrees) through a small window, about 15' high (second story closet). I built a redneck-antenna-stand using an umbrella base and 5' of dowl - works just fine.

I added the inline amp that came with the antenna, and then connected it to the distribution panel in the closet that came with the house. It is powered, and drives signal to all the cable outlets in the house. I currently have 4 tvs connected.

The original TV Fool signal analysis for my situation is at:

With the described setup...

I get the local San Diego broadcasts:

For whatever reason, channel 51 (KUSI) is not coming thru, even though it is on the same bearing as KSWB, KPBS, and KNSD. Not a huge loss.

I also am pulling in LA stations:

I am also pulling in more LA stations that I removed from the scan (mostly Spanish channels, with some shopping/etc. that I just don't care to scan past). Additionally, there are all the associated sub-channels (the #.2, #.3, etc.), but you get the idea.

If there is one channel I might still try to get, it is 48/KUAN, which appears to be a local channel at 84 degrees. But, I only would need it on one set, so I might get a small, indoor, directional antenna and see if it will pull it in for the one tv.

Cheers, and thanks for your input.

ADTech 16-Mar-2014 4:33 PM

KUAN is the San Diego repeater for Los Angeles station KSCI which carries primarily Asian broadcasting. You can visit their website at to learn more about the station.

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