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thegeneral 10-Oct-2010 4:15 PM

Advice for Northwest Suburb of Chicago

Parents got fed up with comcast switched to uverse but their raising rates now. The plain is to have 2 Tv's with OTA and 1 TV with OTA and Uverse.

I was wondering if an attic mounted antenna with a preamplifier would be sufficient? Huge attic with 30ft of elevation.

I currently have a clearstream2 mounted between a TV and an exterior wall on the 2nd floor(17ft of elevation) that picks up all Chicago broadcast stations except WBBM RF12.

What shocked me was the clearstream2 also picked up Milwaukee's UHF stations NBC, FOX and PBS.

3 Televisions going through an Ideal 3 way splitter(-4db, -8db,-8db).
Total cable runs to each TV 100ft, 70ft, 60ft.

I have a Winegard YA6713 on order for WBBM.
Winegard AP 2870
Antennas Direct Clearstream 2

mtownsend 11-Oct-2010 2:43 PM

Are you just interested in the Chicago stations, or do you also need to get the Milwaukee stations? If you just focus on one market, then you don't need to fuss with multiple antennas and/or an antenna rotator.

For the Chicago stations, yes, an attic mounted antenna ought to be good enough. A pre-amp will help overcome the losses caused by the splitter and long cable runs. The products you have chosen seem like a nice fit for your situation. Good job!

thegeneral 11-Oct-2010 3:23 PM

Chicago stations at this point. The extra effort to get Milwaukee stations would get expensive.

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