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canant 2-Jun-2012 3:17 AM

Exclude Out of Band Channels from FCC Database
Is it possible to exclude out of band (ie 52-69) channels listed on the FCC database from being listed on TV Fool?

Stations such as K62FS on channel 62 in Washington State cannot exist anymore on that channel, as the FCC forced all of the transmitters to cease broadcasting on channels 52-69 as of January 1, 2012.

I contacted the FCC of that such stations are not being removed from the listings because of the following:

When a license is granted for operation on a new channel, then the Channel 62 license record will be removed. Until then, it remains as a ‘placeholder’, to compare proposed service on a new channel to.
In the case of K62FS, the only available channel was 51, but now that there's a moratorium on granting licenses on 51 due to possible interference with the 700 MHz, the transmitter may never return.

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