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canant 23-Jul-2011 5:12 AM

CIVT Disappeared from TV Fools List of Current Stations
CIVT-TV Vancouver has been broadcasting in digital on channel 33 (showing as 32.1) for several years. Not sure why, but it used to listed as a "current" digital channel on TV Fool, but its has disappeared.

It is broadcasting at ERP 12.6 kW, as per industry Canada database. On Aug 31, 2011, it will move to channel 32 at ERP of 33 kW.

mtownsend 27-Jul-2011 5:10 PM

Thanks for the head up!

CIVT-DT's record is still being listed as an "AU" record (as opposed to an "OP" record) in the Industry Canada database, hence its default behavior is to be listed as a "pending" transmitter. In recently generated reports, the data would not show up in the "current" results, but could be found in the "pending" results.

We have now fixed this so that CIVT-DT (ch 33 / 32.1, 12.6 kW) shows up in the "current" results for any reports generated from today onward.

The data for CIVT-DT(1) (post-transition ch 32 / 32.1, 33 kW) is also an "AU" record. It was showing up, and will continue to show up, in the "pending" results.

Hope this does a better job of reflecting what is currently on the air and what will soon be on the air. Please let us know if there are any other updates needed.

canant 4-Aug-2011 3:06 AM

Thanks for the updates. Several digital transmitters have started lighting up. See

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