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tuffones 9-Aug-2012 4:46 PM

need an inside for this location.

I do have a RCA Yagi antenna in the attic with a Channel Master amplifier to help the long run coax cable, the Yagi is pointing to NE and I was unable to get all the channel in that direction. I am thinking to get a long range antenna to get NY channels and the hard channels like Fox and NBC in Harford CT.

Can I use the RCA Yagi in pointing Harford CT and the other NY or one antenna can solve the problem. Directional or Multidirectional?


GroundUrMast 9-Aug-2012 5:22 PM

In either direction, you'll get better results mounting outside in the clear.

Quite a few of the NY signals should be viewable.

A Winegard HD7698P paired with an Antennas Direct CPA-19 would be my choice. The antenna needs to be mounted high, clear of obstructions in the direction of NYC.

Don't expect to be able to combine the two antennas into a single coax. There are several ways to deal with multiple antennas.

teleview 9-Aug-2012 10:02 PM

Tv Reception.
For NYC reception install a Winegard HD7698P antenna with a antennas direct CPA-19 preamp Above The Roof aimed at about 247 degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

Here are some Strong and Sturdy antenna mounts , , , ,

Buy the ronard antenna mounts at solidsignal by typing the word ronard in the solidsignal search box.

Here are places to buy antennas and etc. , , ,

For one Tv connected use No splitter.

For 2 Tv's connected use a HFS-2D , 2 way splitter.

For 3 Tv's connected use a HFS-3D , 3 way splitter. , also at ,

As Always , trees and tree leaves do a real fine job of reducing or blocking Tv reception.

Other buildings do a real fine job of reducing or blocking Tv reception.

Locate the antenna where there is the least amount or no amount of trees and buildings in the direction of reception.

teleview 9-Aug-2012 10:30 PM

Tv Reception.
Mount the yagi above the roof aimed at about 50 degree magnetic compass.

The 2 antenna systems Will Not be connected to gather on to one coax.

The 2 antenna systems will be separate all the way to the Tv location/s and be connected to a A/B antenna switch , , #15-1968 , or , , # 32-4425 .

tuffones 10-Aug-2012 5:06 PM

thank you for reply, I m impress with the mounting hardware from ronard, I m walking around my area and I can't install the antenna above my 36" free to air dish pointing 95w, the signal for this satellite is very hard to catch with my Birdog.

teleview 10-Aug-2012 6:04 PM

Tv Reception.
The - Standard - Ronard mounts are Heavy Duty.

And Ronard has mounts that go way beyond Heavy Duty

Here is a , No guy wires , Light Weight , Aluminum , Lay Over Tower , Do antenna installation and adjustments standing on the ground.

3 Star has many types and kinds of antenna mounts.

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