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homey 23-Mar-2012 4:23 PM

Best Multi-path
I have posted this tvfool for my cottage in the past:

When I originally posted I had issues with my CM-4221HD but mounted a little higher with a preamp and was able to live with it for the limited time I was able to spend there last year. I finally found an option to mount even higher at 20' for this season and it seems some of the recommended antennas have changed over the last year by the experts (from Channel Master to Winegard).

The 116 degree stations (Fort Wayne) have no obstructions and are pretty good now. The South Bend stations at 311 degrees have some normal trees partially blocking.

My question is if there is an option that will give me better reception in both directions? Right now it is aimed at Fort Wayne with the signal strengths between 80 and 96 percent. I am picking up many of the South Bend stations in the 60's and 70's (but not all). Last year a U8000 was recommended but not sure if there are improved designs or hacks to other 8 bays which could provide better rear reception without losing what I have forward. I can't seem to find the information on what forward gains are lost when an 8 bay is hacked?

Thank you all again!

ADTech 23-Mar-2012 4:54 PM

Removal of the reflector on a panel antenna will reduce forward gain by around 3 dB and will make the F/B ratio 0.

GroundUrMast 23-Mar-2012 4:55 PM

An easy 'hack' that comes to mind is the removal of the reflector screen from a panel antenna. You would get more gain in the rearward direction, but you'll reduce the forward gain and directivity of the antenna. (I see ADTech gets the credit for that thought)

If you're into the idea of doing some antenna modification, consider building an antenna such as the M4.

I personally favor using multiple fixed aim antennas, each optimized for receiving the station or group of stations the antenna is aimed at.

In this case I would use two antennas such as the Antennas Direct 91XG or Winegard HD9095P. One aimed at 121 and the other aimed at 315. I'd use one of the following methods to connect the antennas to the TV.

Electron 23-Mar-2012 6:55 PM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
Previous posts by homey.

homey 26-Mar-2012 3:28 AM

I finally was able to find a good secure location to get 21 feet of elevation and it worked wonders for my unmodified 4221HD and cheapo RCA Preamp aimed at about 300 degrees:

channel str. compass tv fool db nm Network

15.1 78 117 27 CBS
16.1 90 309 25.4 NBC
21.1 71 116 21.7 ABC
22.1 88 310 25.2 CBS
25.1 78 311 14.8 WCW
28.1 95 311 27.4 Fox
33.1 78 116 29.3 NBC
34.1 96 311 21.1 PBS
39.1 62 116 23.3 PBS
46.1 90 311 21.9 Religion
55.1 64 116 28.7 WFFT
57.1 81 311 11.7 ABC

I am running 100 feet of RG6 powering two Tv's with a standard splitter.

Electron... You originally recommended the U8000 before I was looking to try the two antenna route. Would you still recommend it based on these results and new mounting heights? Also would I gain anything going to a better preamp? The RCA list it as a low noise model but of course specs cannot be found anywhere :(. Thanks!

Electron 26-Mar-2012 4:14 AM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
With tv antennas higher is better. Looks like you are receiving them all.

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