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casperette 3-Sep-2014 10:46 PM

Advice on a low signal location
Hello All,

Im pretty new here and was just looking for expert advice on an area with very little signal.

What antenna should i be looking for? There are so many options its overwhelming. I took a look at the sticky guide here but still looking for a recommendation (preferably only 1 antenna if possible)

The only options i have for height are about 12' and 25'. I know higher is better but its worth trying the 12' option first because of complications mounting higher.

I'm really only interested in channels on 99 degrees and 352 degrees. The others may or may not be too far away, either way they don't interest me if it will cost more in hardware to attempt to get them. Will probably be running about 30-40' of cable, according to other recommendations, i don't believe i need an amp.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your advice and help!

GroundUrMast 4-Sep-2014 6:29 PM

A large all channel antenna such as the Winegard HD7084P or Antennacraft HD1850 is needed if you are to have a shot at the weak signals east of your location.

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