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droidy 13-Aug-2019 4:21 PM

Simi Valley antenna setup?
Hi All,
I am looking to set up my first outdoor antenna to receive network locale channels ABC, NBC, KTLA, CBS, AND KCAL.
My location is:

I am thinking about using a HD Stacker mounted on my roof ~25' high with a LNA 200 preamp. that will feed 2 tv's.
My goal is to drop my DirectTV and still be able to watch local news and NFL games using OTA and streaming services.
Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tower Guy 13-Aug-2019 6:39 PM

I believe that you’ve chosen a workable antenna for your location. I can’t predict if it will get every channel you want. If you have troubles, be sure to try different heights and/or locations on your roof.

droidy 14-Aug-2019 4:35 PM

Thanks Tower Guy,
I haven't purchased anything yet so I was wondering if that would be my best option or if there is a better antenna\preamp for my situation.

OTAFAN 14-Aug-2019 8:52 PM

Hi droidy:

The forum recently dealt with similar issues from another gentleman that your TV report's show. He was from Moorpark, CA and was struggling with poor LOS & those pesky 2 edge difficulties because of his location in respect to MT Wilson towers; down in a valley with hill blockages.

You might want to read through his thread for recommendations that were suggested to him. Hopefully it will be helpful to you. Here's the thread:

Best to you and let the forum know how it turns out.....

droidy 14-Aug-2019 10:27 PM

Thanks for the link but I did read that thread. His outcome was unsuccessful. I have seen houses in my area that have antennas on there roofs. I may have to go knocking on doors and see what they are using and how successful they are at getting the stations that I hope I can get. I am willing to give it a try and see what happens, just trying to get hardware that will give me the best chance.

OTAFAN 14-Aug-2019 11:14 PM


His outcome was unsuccessful.....just trying to get hardware that will give me the best chance.
IMHO, I think he was a bit nervous and uncertain about a couple of things that may have stopped him short of success. As the saying goes, he was "close but no cigar."

I didn't know you had already read that thread. I was pointing it out mainly for the antenna recommendations and issues he encountered that might be of help to you in your location. FWIW, I think the antenna he finally chose would have served him well, but he didn't get it up on his roof and take the time to find the "sweet spot" for best reception. It takes effort and time, trail and error and sometimes some folks aren't willing to do that, for whatever reason. You seem to be more motivated in that regard.

The HD Stacker and LNA 200 preamp you mentioned in your first post and Tower Guys' acknowledgement of it, tells me you could go with that and be successful. Tower Guy is a Tech with many years of experience in the industry and over 1100 posts on TV Fool. I would certainly consider well his advice too.


I may have to go knocking on doors and see what they are using and how successful they are at getting the stations that I hope I can get.
That's an excellent, proactive thing to do. I'm sure you'll be able to find a few of your neighbors who are willing to share with you their OTA TV reception and equipment they're using.

Please keep the forum posted regarding your process and keep asking questions when you need help. There are many experienced Techs and others who can certainly give you good advice. I will be following your progress as you continue to post and will give you my 2 cents worth.....

All the best.....

droidy 30-Aug-2019 9:13 PM

Well, my antenna and pre-amp arrived. After assembling the antenna I hooked it up directly to the tv without the pre amp with it laying on the floor next to a sliding glass window and I got 36 channels. Most of them were vhf. Now I need to get it mounted on the roof with the pre amp and see if I can get the uhf channels (31-36).
Anyone have some tips on finding the sweet spot, location and height? Or will it be just trial and error?
On the Rabbit ears report what field strength/signal margin ratio should be doable? All the ones I have picked up already are listed as poor. Should I be able to get all of the ones listed as poor? Channel 2 (31) looks like the weakist one I am wanting to get.
Thanks for any help.

OTAFAN 31-Aug-2019 2:26 AM


On the Rabbit ears report what field strength/signal margin ratio should be doable? All the ones I have picked up already are listed as poor. Should I be able to get all of the ones listed as poor? Channel 2 (31) looks like the weakist one I am wanting to get.
Hi droidy, glad you posted back.

Finding the "sweet spot" on your roof is similar to finding the "sweet spot" for an indoor antenna. Trial and error are to be expected. But in your situation, since you already are receiving VHF High (I presume), I would first point your antenna in the same direction on the roof as you did on the ground, towards Mt. Wilson towers. Do you have LOS?

Also, have someone down inside your house that can scan your TV channels with the remote control, checking signal strength. That way you don't have to keep going up and down the ladder, unless you need the exercise (LOL)! This will help you optimize where you end up pointing your antenna. Sometimes, just a few feet can make a difference in how strong your signal strength will be, especially in your location.

Please let the forum know how things are going, so it will be able to assist you in maximizing the reception you want. I am a bit surprised, pleasantly, that you're getting the amount of channels you're receiving so far. I think that will bid well for you going forward, fingers crossed.

BTW, what antenna and preamp did you get?

Thanks and keep us posted!

P.S. Here's a link to part of a thread at AVS Forum Los Angeles area OTA TV. A couple of the posters have similar issues as you, due to their location from Mt. Wilson towers. They might have a few ideas that could be helpful in your situation; adream8 post might be particularly of interest. Hope this helps.....

droidy 3-Sep-2019 11:26 PM

Thanks for the info @OTAFAN.
After talking to several neighbors with antennas, most just said that the antenna was there when they moved in and they have never used it.
They are all wanting to hear back from me after I give it a try.

I mounted my HD Stacker with the LNA-200 pre amp to a 10' piece of 1 1/2" conduit. With the mast just sitting on the ground leaning against a block wall with the antenna pointed toward Mount Wilson looking through a large tree and house across the street. Using some coax I had laying around I hooked it up to my splitter.
With that crappy set up I picked up 116 channels :eek: including ALL the major channels that I was worried I may not get. All of which are labeled as POOR or BAD on my Rabit Ear report.
I ordered the rest of the supplies I need to mount it on my chimney and run the coax and ground wires about 30' to my electrical panel. The supplies will be here in about a week. At which time I'll get it mounted on the roof and hooked up.
With what I have seen so far I am sure I wont have any problems with reception.
Pictures and outcome to follow.

OTAFAN 3-Sep-2019 11:51 PM

Way to go, droidy!

Congratulations on the excellent reception you're receiving so far, even with your "ground" set up. Although is quite accurate, each viewer at their individual locations may get better results (in your case), or worse depending on their unique conditions. As rabbit73, one of the best Techs here told me once, "Your TV will tell you how well your antenna is working." That really is the bottom line.

I'm fairly certain when you get your new antenna/preamp up on your roof, you should receive equal or better reception. But even though height is paramount with antennas, you might have a bit of trial and error to optimize or find the sweet spot due to your location. Then again, you might not as you're finding out so far.

Best of luck and stay safe up on your roof; can't be overstated!

Looking forward to your pics and outcome. Thanks for keeping the forum updated!

droidy 21-Sep-2019 6:17 PM

Wellp, got my antenna mounted and grounded. Got 159 channels that included all major network with strong signal.

droidy 21-Sep-2019 6:51 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are the pics.

droidy 21-Sep-2019 6:57 PM

I would definitely recommend the HD Stacker antenna.

OTAFAN 21-Sep-2019 9:15 PM

Your antenna set up looks like a professional job!

I'm in a strong signal location here in SOCAL LA/OC and get between 168-178 channels on a clear day. So, 159 at your location droidy is remarkable. Outstanding work beating the odds. Virtual slap on the back from me!

Thanks so much for reporting your findings and posting the pics.

As Hannibal Smith on the 80's TV hit show, "The A-Team" used to say, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

All the best, droidy! And enjoy all the free TV programs we get here in the Southland.....

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