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eggman531916 28-May-2015 6:30 PM

Will it last?
Ok, I'm not sure if I've asked this or not already so forgive me if I have. I finished building my DBGH a couple of months ago and it works great. It's made from grey 1/2" PVC electrical conduit with regular PVC tees and elbows for the framework. I used 1x2 inch fencing for the split screen and #4 gauge copper wire for the element with #10 gauge copper for the phase lines. All the PVC is painted dark green. I ordered chimney mounting hardware and I'm getting ready to mount it, but I have a couple of concerns. 1. What is the life expectancy of something like this? The mounting spot is not easily accessible and I don't want to have to replace anytime soon (3 stories up). 2. Anyone know how well one of these will hold up to wind?

rabbit73 28-May-2015 10:11 PM

I think you should ask your question here, they make a lot of PVC antennas:

Antenna Research & Development

eggman531916 29-May-2015 4:31 AM

I will do that rabbit73. I read through their stuff alot as well. I was going to post there as well anyways, but I only had enough time to post here before work. Thank you.

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