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keljoko 10-Aug-2019 8:23 PM

What do I need for reception?
I have no idea where to start with trying to get a signal. Is there even hope I can get more than one? Exactly what equipment would I need? Thanks in advance if you can advise. This report was done assuming I could put something on the highest part of the roof. Can't go any higher!

GroundUrMast 10-Aug-2019 10:15 PM

You are definitely in the fringe area of signals from Sioux City. I've taken the liberty of running a search based on an estimate of your location (given the relatively flat terrain great precision is not critical);

If I was in you area, I would consider using a Winegard HD7698P paired with an Antennas Direct 'Juice' preamplifier. Aim toward Sioux City (aprox. 263 compass). At you location, height matters. I would not hesitate to use a tripod and 10 foot mast at the roof peak. Also, if there are any trees blocking the path, they need to be avoided, either by mounting above them or to the side if possible.

Though the conditions are challenging, I thinks there's hope of receiving KTIN, KTIV, KMEG, KPTH and KCAU.

A premium option would be Rohn-25 tower, Antennas Direct 91XG (UHF ant.), Stellar Labs 30-2476 (HighVHF ant.), Antennas Direct UHF / VHF Antenna Combiner and Juice preamplifier.

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