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kayakmike 20-Jun-2012 2:04 AM

Dish or Cable capability
I am a full time RV'er and travel quite often. I have Dish Network and a 722 receiver. I am not under contract so can have it turned off anytime. As I travel, I stay in RV parks which provide free cable. ok, so heres the question.... Sometimes I stay for months at an RV park and would like to stop the dish service and use the RV park cable service. Can I run cable into my Dish 722 receiver and view - record on my DVR?

If not what other options do I have to hookup cable or Dish ?


BCF68 25-Jun-2012 10:03 AM

I doubt you could use it for cable if the RV park is using digital cable. Digital cable uses QAM which satellite STBs doesn't support. Might work with analog cable.

Also this site is for discussion of OVER THE AIR reception not cable or satellite. if you would like to learn about how to get channels via antenna this is the place.

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