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Manderson31 4-Jul-2011 6:28 PM

Installing system near Yakima, WA
Hello all. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
I live outside of Yakima, WA. My tv fool signal analysis results link is below.

I'm currently just using a broken tv top antenna with reception of maybe 6 local stations. I'd like to do some serious upgrades both for the sake of reception and as an educational experience for my kids and I. Therefore, I'm thinking of just going really big and splurging on the Winegard HD8200U.

My situation is kind of unique in that I live in a large building and can get our antenna to an AGL of almost 40' easily. Also, I have a very large attic space available.

My questions are 1) Is the 8200U overkill with no added benefit over a less expensive antenna? 2) How much signal loss can I expect from mounting the antenna in an attic instead of on an open roof? 3) It looks to me like all the stations in my area are in the same direction, do I need a rotor?

Any input is much appreciated.

John Candle 5-Jul-2011 12:15 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
I suggest receiving the Digital stations to the south east with a Winegard HD 7698P UHF / VHF high band antenna. You can put the antenna in the attic if the building is not wrapped with any type or kind of metal. Metal and concrete reduce or block reception. KUNW 2 is also being transmitted on KUNW 30 so there is no need for the HD8200U antenna. Attic installations can give a 50 percent reduction or more in signal strength. Try the HD7698P antenna in the attic , if the weaker stations such as KFFX-DT 11 are not received and you will like to receive them , you can move the antenna outside. You can Google the stations call signs that have no network listing and find out what the networks are. Read and understand about , REAL Digital Broadcast Tv Channels , Virtual Digital Broadcast Tv Channels , Analog Broadcast Tv Channels ,

John Candle 5-Jul-2011 12:33 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Here are some but not all free tv guides , , , , , , . Here is how to aim Tv antennas , , it has not been working lately , you can type it in on your computer and see if you can get it. Aim the antenna at about , 125 true - 109 degree magnetic compass.

John Candle 6-Jul-2011 9:52 PM

Free satellite tv reception
Free satellite Tv reception with a small KU band dish ,

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