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Stump 7-Sep-2017 2:29 AM

Help with Reception - Lake in Central Kansas
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Attached is my Reception Map for Marion County Lake. I have a Winegard HD 7696P High Definition VHF/UHF HD7696 Series Antenna (HD7696P) on a 15' pole attached to the side of the House. It reaches just above the roof. I put it there in about 2013. I tried an inexpensive RCA preamp, but the reception was worse. At first, I was able to receive a couple of channels. Now I get just flickering junk even in the evening when the wind has died down. They all tell me I can't get OTA television here. I really would like to prove everybody wrong. I'm wondering what are recommendations to improve my situation.



Jake V 7-Sep-2017 3:07 PM

1. If you originally received a few channels but now don't it could be that the trees have grown or the connections have come loose. My first task would be to check the connections. And check that there are no crimps in the coax.

2. Is the antenna pointed roughly to 215-220 degrees, measured with real compass? What does the antenna look through? Trees, buildings, etc. You might post a photo from the top of the antenna looking towards 215-220 degrees.

3. Make another map at 25 feet. Post the URL of the final map, not an image. Use these directions:

Stump 7-Sep-2017 11:51 PM

Yes. The antenna is pointed roughly 215-220 degrees measured with a real compass and dead reckoning to match them up. The antenna does have a house across the street, no trees to look through.

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