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dcannaday 18-Mar-2015 2:56 AM

Already got rid of Directv, need better antennae
I know you guys can help, here is the info

TV Signal Analysis Results Print this report

Thanks in advance.

timgr 18-Mar-2015 2:02 PM


Originally Posted by dcannaday (Post 50173)
I know you guys can help, here is the info

TV Signal Analysis Results Print this report

Thanks in advance.

Hi -

What do you have now? How many stations do you get now? Are there stations you really want to receive? What kind of placement can you have, ie roof mount in clear air, with no surrounding trees or buildings, or something less? Do you want to go after just the majors from a single market or as many stations as possible?

You should be able to receive any of the stations with a single-digit noise margin or better with the right antenna and placement. However, receiving some stations will necessarily exclude others, unless you are really ambitious and go with multiple antennas, each with its own tuner. Can your TV or TVs manually include stations, or can you only set stations from a station scan? If you can manually set stations, a rotator might be worthwhile (if you want to get a lot of stations). Note that there is a lot of duplication in programming between markets so as it becomes harder to get more stations, the amount of new programming falls off.

22 feet is pretty low. Are there trees in the way of the plot headings at that height? Are you willing/able to go higher? I'd run an additional plot at 50' or so, just to see how the signal changes.

timgr 18-Mar-2015 2:26 PM

What has changed?

dcannaday 18-Mar-2015 2:50 PM

What I have now
Is a cheapie homemade antenna. I can get channels 3, 6, 26' & 39. Really need to get channel 10 so wife can watch NCIS. CHANNELS THAT COME IN AT NIGHT ARE 12, 35, and possibly 51. I was estimating the height of my roof for the height. I have trees all around me. I guess I will also need advice on putting it up 50 feet. Will run the new height and post it here.

dcannaday 18-Mar-2015 3:17 PM

I did not realize this former thread would still be on here. Thank you. I will order the clear stream 2 unless someone recommends an upgraded antenna as that post was almost 2 years ago. Thank you again.

Greenish Apple 18-Mar-2015 5:05 PM

Which Antenna did you Build?
Which 'cheapie' homemade antenna did you make? Some are good for VHF/UHF, some good for UHF and others are good for VHF.

Then there is the YouTube bowtie 'antenna', it is only good for UHF high. For channel 10 (VHF high) the whiskers should be 10 inches long with 9.5 inch separation of the bays.


Greenish Apple 18-Mar-2015 5:33 PM

DB4 for Channel 10
Check post #5 in this thread:

(I view several OTA forums)

dcannaday 19-Mar-2015 2:32 AM

Would love to make one but I want to have this installed by this weekend. My only other question before ordering the c2 is should I get the c4 or am I wasting money? Thanks again.

dcannaday 19-Mar-2015 4:26 AM

Antenna ordered
I ordered the CS2 complete. Will be here Friday, hopefully installed by Saturday. Thanks again to everyone.

Greenish Apple 19-Mar-2015 4:08 PM

The ClearStream C2 V might work to get channel 10, it is a UHF antenna with a VHF add-on for channels 7-13. The C4 is two C2s side by side, narrow beam, longer range, no VHF.

I haven't used them, I found the details on Antennas Direct's website.

I have a C2 clone that I might test outside soon.


Greenish Apple 19-Mar-2015 4:18 PM

I read your other thread from April 2013 about the ClearStream C2 Complete.

Sounds like you are good to go.

I'm building a tube version of the bowtie and I'm adding an extra dipole for channel 10.


ADTech 19-Mar-2015 4:28 PM

There is no need for channel 10 reception. Wilmington has a local CBS station WILM-LD.

A C2V *might* get channels 10 & 12 off the back, but I'd consider them to be bonus channels at best.

Your limiting factor for reliable reception is likely to be trees, something we can't do much about except counsel you to avoid them whenever possible.

BTW, we do have a C4V-CJM (C4+VHF-1+CJM) model, it's available exclusively at Best Buy in that configuration. Otherwise, our standard VHF-1 module will clip directly onto the reflector of any of our ClearStream UHF loop antennas, our "e"-series UHF antennas, and recent production Micron XG antennas (rolling change on that one).

The VHF-1 module can also be independently mounted to a mast for situations that require independent aiming of the VHF element or it may be used with ANY UHF-only antenna to provide supplemental high VHF reception. The U/V diplexer is already integrated into the module.

The C2 Complete was our first generation of the C2V. It consists of the C2 with the VHF Reflector assembly, CJM, and coax in a box and was intended for a large retailer to sell as a turnkey retail item but, they changed their mind at the last minute so we're still selling off that inventory. There's no significant performance difference between the multiple generations of the C2V.

dcannaday 22-Mar-2015 2:32 AM

Antenna installed
Ok, got the antenna up and running. Getting cbs and a couple of other channels I was not getting. Could still be better, anyone know of how I could get the antenna up higher? Can save my $120 a month I am saving from not having directv lol.

ADTech 23-Mar-2015 2:24 PM


Could still be better, anyone know of how I could get the antenna up higher?
Please be specific about what is in need of improvement.

dcannaday 24-Mar-2015 10:22 PM

CBS is not coming in steadily. Sometimes great, next minute pixelly, then gone completely. I am getting channel 14 that I was not getting before. Took down 5 trees Sunday, not sure it helped any. Was thinking it might help if I put it up higher. I did remove the screen like the other post advised me to do.

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