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kenj66 22-Jul-2014 9:48 PM

Antennas Direct 91XG - Improved Assembly Procedure
When I assembled the boom I noticed the boom wasn't straight. Scratching my head, I noticed that I had pushed the boom ends into the matching clamp but the screw head was UNDER the clamp instead of on top. A line ought to be added saying, "Be sure the screw heads appear on top of the clamp instead of underneath." I was simply following the directions! They didn't say to untighten the clamp first so the screw head would be on top. It never occurred to me. Did I mention I was not a mechanical genius?

In Step 2.) Place the balun box - which way? In which hole?
I didn't notice the thumb screw in the materials when I did this and instead, undid the screw and wingnut from the end of the boom, discarded the wingnut and attached the balun box with that screw - backwards, as it later turns out.

After stumbling with these instructions, trial and error, it seems to me the assembly steps are out of order. I think the order should be steps 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 6.

It makes more sense to do step 4 after step 1 because the instructions do not tell you exactly where the tilt bracket should be installed. The location of the tilt bracket can only be properly determined after all the directors are installed. And then the orientation of the balun box becomes more obvious, too.

Here are the suggested revisions:

Step 1.) Add line, "Be sure the screw heads appear on top of the clamp instead of underneath."

Step 4.) Add line, "Be sure the metallic side of the director elements faces the transmitters."

Step 2.) Should read, "....fix with plastic wing thumb screw...." It may be hiding in the one of the plastic parts bags.

Step 3.) Add line, "In order to fit on the boom correctly, the rear clamp of the U-bracket must be secured between the sixth and seventh director elements."

Step 5.) No changes.

Step 6.) Replace with, "Attach special tilting mast clamp to U-assembly. Determine attachment location by holding the antenna upside down by the U-assembly to find the balancing point and tighten. Affix the mast clamp to the TOP of the mast. The boom does NOT need to be clamped to the mast."

The tilt-elevation feature of the mast clamp is nice and seems well made. I found the tilt angle was not critical so just set it a couple of degrees above the nearest obstructions and it will be fine.

You're welcome!

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