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homey 20-Aug-2011 10:23 PM

Signal Help
Here is my tvfool report:

I have a cm-4221 mounted on my deck and the antenna is about 12 feet off the ground. I am about equal distance to Fort Wayne and South Bend but have been aiming at Fort Wayne due to clearer line of site (no trees in way). I get Ok reception for all Fort Wayne except for channel 39 which is about 60%. I also get many of the South Bend stations but the weaker ones fade in and out depending on conditions. I am wondering if roof mounting my antenna (would give me about 22 foot height) would help with Fort Wayne? Also wasn't sure if there was a mod for the cm-4221 which would reduce rear gain and help it be more directional. I currently have a 25 foot cable which came with the antenna with an 10 foot cable connected to reach. Should I look into a preamp? What would my options be for trying to pick up South Bend and Fort Wayne.

John Candle 22-Aug-2011 6:22 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
homey has a second post with the same question. the questions and answers at that post are in progress.

GroundUrMast 22-Aug-2011 7:32 AM

... and the TVFR in this post is city level only.

homey 22-Aug-2011 10:39 AM

Thanks. Here is the updated report for 25 foot height:

John Candle 22-Aug-2011 7:50 PM

Tv Antennas and Reception
homey has a second post with the same question and answers. putting questions and answers here Will Create a lot of confusion

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