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jokeysp 9-Jul-2014 5:47 PM

Athens, GA Deep Fringe
Could not wait to post to this great forum!

My TVfool report:

I'm awaiting delivery on an AntennaCraft HBU44 which I will mount on my roof about 25' off the ground.

Will have about a 50' run from antenna to TV.

All of the towers I want to receive:
Anything else would be gravy.

Looks like they are all in the same general direction and vicinity in ATL, so I'm hopeful to pick up a few with this setup. I'm hesitant to start with a preamp as I've seen mixed reviews of interference, but will gladly add one if necessary.

I'm curious to hear from anyone with firsthand experience with setting up 50+ miles from signal. Also pros/cons of preamp. Anyone with an opinion about the AntennaCraft or other long range antennas would be welcome as well.


GroundUrMast 10-Jul-2014 8:18 PM

If it's the Atlanta stations you're after, you'll need a fairly large antenna or combination of antenans. The HBU-44 fits into that classification. For anyone else in a similar situation, the Winegard HD7698P and Antennacraft HBU-55 would also be worth considering.

I believe you'll find a preamp helpful. Consider the RCA TVPRAMP1R.

jokeysp 20-Jul-2014 5:30 PM

Antenna is mounted finally and am picking up 23 channels, 15 of which I am likely to watch. The only one I want that I'm not getting so far is the FOX affiliate which is in the same general area as most of my other stations.

Everything else is coming in amazingly well over the air. Have not tried a preamp yet.

Any tips for getting that last station? Otherwise I'm very happy.

GroundUrMast 20-Jul-2014 6:22 PM

I'd experiment with alternate mounting locations and elevations. Avoid aiming at or through trees if possible.

jokeysp 22-Jul-2014 1:34 AM

Tried to move the antenna so it pointed directly at the FOX tower, did a channel search and Bang! I picked up the signal. I'm getting all the channels I want. Thanks so much for all the advice. I'm telling all my friends about the forum here and how great a resource it's been.

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