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Paul 27-Feb-2011 3:09 AM

Quebec City no analog 5
Since I catch all analog channels colored as easy to catch, I wonder why I don't catch 5. I also miss the two DT channels 12 and 25 but that may be my problem using Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-850.

GroundUrMast 27-Feb-2011 9:13 PM

Please read through this Guide then post your TV Fool Report so we can have real data to base our advice on.

Also, please tell us a bit about the antenna(s) you are currently using. (Make, Model, mounting location, elevation, direction of aim.) Also include information about splitters and amplifiers in the system.


Paul 28-Feb-2011 8:27 PM

Here is the report for zip G1S 2R6
My antenna is an ATSC digital terrestial included with Hauppauge HVR-850. Said to be good for less than 10 miles by the vendor. Said to be no good by users. But my question really is why is channel 5 the only nearby analog I don't catch?
Thank you, bye.

GroundUrMast 28-Feb-2011 9:01 PM

According to your TVF Report, you are almost next door to the transmitting towers. It's possible you are experiencing overloading due to the extremely high power levels.

Another possibility is that despite the extreme signal levels, the antenna is not receiving much of the available channel 5 signal.

A quick look at the Hauppauge web site reveals a very small antenna... I would be hard pressed to believe it is designed to cover any TV channels in the VHF band (2 through 13). Given it's apparent size, I suspect it is basically a UHF (Channel 14 through 69) design.

VHF antennas are physically larger than UHF antennas, because the wave length of the VHF signals is longer. (High frequencies = short wave lengths. Low frequencies = long wave lengths.)

I presume you are using the HVR-850 as a portable device, so packing around a large antenna is going to be impractical. (An example of an antenna designed to receive Channel 2 through 6 is the Antennacraft Y526.)

I am inclined to think 'receiver overload'. To test, simply take the laptop to a location about 10 to 40 KM distant from the transmitting antennas and try there.

Absolutely, the last thing you need is an amplifier.

As Canada transitions away from analog broadcasting, you may find your situation improving, especially if the broadcasters move to UHF frequencies.

John Candle 6-Mar-2011 2:02 AM

Television reception.
DO NOT use any type or kind of amplified Tv antenna. The tuning device must scan for air/broadcast Tv analog and digital channels. The Tv antenna will receive the best in the horizontal position not vertical.

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