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OTAFAN 9-May-2019 12:52 AM

RetroTV Returns to SOCAL
For those OTA enthusiast's in SOCAL LA/OC waiting for RetroTV to return after being off the air from virtual Zombie KBEH 63-3, or actually KWHY 22 (real channel 4 now after repack), good news was posted yesterday from Retro TV's Facebook site. They will be returning to KWHY 22-2 (virtual) on June 1, 2019. Facebook posts were pulling for KDOC 56-10 (virtual, real channel 12), since most folks out here seem to have antennas in the VHF-High/UHF range, but my best guess is the price was right for RetroTV with KWHY 22. Just guessing though.

So, I'm going to add a Winegard HD7000R to my outdoor set up to optimize my low VHF reception going forward with repack. You never know who else is going to end up "back to the future," on low VHF. (Check out the Amazon reviews for this antenna).

However, due to the "flame thrower" signal of KWHY 22, I'm actually picking up their signal on my 32" Samsung SNR 20dB, with my Antennas Direct Indoor ClearStream Flex! So, I would think that even the old standby indoor Rabbit Ears antennas might just capture their signal even stronger depending on your location, in a pinch, etc. BTW, I'm in a strong signal location and haven't noticed any local interference to real channel 4.

Anyway, RetroTV fans out here are cheering the return of their old school favorite programs!

Nascarken 9-May-2019 1:43 PM

Hello I think you're right about the Rabbit ears trip but I love too RECEIVE my hi&low band vh f BROADCASTING TOWER's 1500miles away with my stacked Winegrud 's
In mass on a 150ft tower it goes so we'll with my inverted V antenna for my HAM radio station.QSL!!73"

JoeAZ 22-May-2019 7:06 PM

Bye, bye Ken,

OTAFAN 31-May-2019 11:31 PM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
Posted a couple hours ago on their Facebook page, RetroTV has updated their reentry to the LA Market. Originally scheduled to air on June 1, due to a "slight delay," they will now begin on June 15.

Disappointed posters are lamenting the delay, but this will give some more time to change their OTA antennas to receive KWHY 22-2 (virtual, real channel 4). Some have lost reception of the station with their indoor antennas. And one person called KWHY 22 about the issue and was told that the FCC has ordered KWHY to lower their signal so as not to interfere with another station near the California-Mexican border.

I can't confirm the posters' call to KWHY 22, but 35 miles south of Mt. Wilson their signal is strong, on my Samsung TVs 34dB SNR. And according to the Longley-Rice map at RabbitEars, it confirms it. (See my above post for inexpensive and fairly easy antenna options).

Anyway, as is often the case in life, hurry up and wait.....

ADTech 1-Jun-2019 12:26 AM


...the FCC has ordered KWHY to lower their signal so as not to interfere with another station....
Oh, that's a rich one! I don't suppose the station mentioned the $123,474,177 that they got for volunteering to sell their UHF allocation and agreeing to go to low-VHF. There is no station "near the California-Mexican border" on VHF 4 for them to interfere with. Have to throw the "BS" flag on both of those excuses.

At 35 kW on VHF 4, that's one of the "hottest" low-VHF channels on the air that I know of. Good to hear that the Flex is working for you on VHF 4 at that distance, even indoors! Not too surprised (due to the power levels) but it wouldn't be something I'd readily expect.

With two 720p and eight(!) SD sub-channels, I can hardly wait to hear about what their image quality is going to look like if they maintain that list of channels.

OTAFAN 1-Jun-2019 1:37 AM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
Good to hear from you again, AdTech! Hope your runs all turned out well!

Just so I'm fair and accurate, here's the actual post from RetroTVs Facebook page regarding our above comments on said issue:

"Andrew Gallagher: I spoke to KWHY 22 and they told me the FCC ordered the station to weaken their signal. Years ago, they also told another Retro affiliate in Los Angeles, Channel 8, to weaken their signal to defer to an NBC affiliate in San Diego. Small TV stations in the U.S. don't have as much clout as the network owned or affiliated TV stations. The only solution is to invest in a roof antenna that picks up low-power stations."

As I said, I cannot confirm his conversation with KWHY 22, but this is what he posted. But it wouldn't surprise me, either. I've had a few conversations with several of our local TV stations regarding various issues, and they usually are very defensive and quick to point out an "outside culprit," as reason for the particular problem. But I agree with your assessment: "Have to throw the 'BS' flag on both those excuses."


Good to hear that the Flex is working for you on VHF 4 at that distance, even indoors
Yes, indeed AD Flex antenna is the most consistent and able performer in the class of indoor antennas I've used. I was surprised too, at it's reception of real channel 4, outside of its frequency specifications! If you get a chance to talk to your engineers, ask them to extend its "real estate" in an updated future version. That way when I really do get too old to play around with my antennas on my roof, I'll still be able to enjoy good reception indoors with a new Super Flex!

All the best, ADTech…..

OTAFAN 15-Jun-2019 6:15 PM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
The native's are getting restless as Retro TV has NOT appeared on SOCAL LA/OC TV stations (OTA & Cable) yet as promised on their Facebook page. June 15 was supposed to be the date! Fingers crossed for perhaps just a few hours away??? Here are some of the Facebook posters currently:

Robert Deckman It's June 15, I'm in Los Angeles, tuned to channel 22-2. No Retro TV!!!


Top Fan
Eddie Pratt No Retro on 22.2 on June 15th. What's goin' on?


Chester Brown I have been looking too. When does it start broadcasiting?


Don Harkey It's not on Spectrum 1289 as of 10:00 am yet either.....Hope it's still gonna happen eventually.

Phil Hansen Not on Spectrum 1289 in Los Angeles at 11:55 AM! I am furious because I want to watch THE DOCTORS!

Ray Dawson I gather something has fallen through....

Stephen Tulley It's now June 15 at 5 PM PT.....and no Retro TV on 22.2 as promised! What gives?! You already made us wait for two weeks!

Darren Gross Yeah, still not seeing the channel.

Top Fan
Richard Summers Here in La Mirada, CA at 10:35pm Spectrum 1289 is still showing Religious programming in Spanish. Still no Retro Television (and Doctor Who). Hopefully someone from Retro Television will post here with an update.

(No update on Retro TVs Facebook page, June 16 and obviously hours have now rolled into another day without any information about future in the SOCAL LA/OC markets. At least Retro TV owes its fans some explanation since like all FCC licensed stations they should serve in the public interest??? Fans continue to post.....)

Top Fan
Harvey Chow Not on 22.2 as told here in Buena Park I’ve been watching classic Doctor Who on PlutoTV

Top Fan
Harvey Chow Use to be able to record on PlayOn but looks like they took PlutoTV off their list of available to record

Chester Brown Pains me to say this Retro TV is a joke. I enjoy a couple of the shows, but I like Harvey can find the content elsewhere. The fact most cities are dropping it shows how well it's ran.
11m Edited

(Still no update on Retro TVs Facebook page as of June 18-19 and no Retro on KWHY 22.2/real channel 4 or cable channels either, but more fans post.....)

Edna Earle Gipson Edgeworth There is no 1289 channel on my Spectrum. I get Retro off of my outdoor antenna on channel 22.2. Are they the same network?

Chester Brown Yes but are you getting Retro now cause I'm not on 22.2

Tara Szejner McQuade Ok Retro....what’s the update?!?!?
Ray Dawson Why do I have the feeling that the update, if there is one, will be "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here"?
Tiffany Terry DuFoe Retro get a Roku or Apple TV app then everyone can get Retro without local Ch dropping or not carrying you

(Yet still NO UPDATE on Retro TVs Facebook page as of June 20-21! Really??? Extended posting from Edna Earle Gipson Edgeworth and Barbara Radowitch; a comment from Chester Brown on June 22.....)

Edna Earle Gipson Edgeworth There is no 1289 channel on my Spectrum. I get Retro off of my outdoor antenna on channel 22.2. Are they the same network?

Barbara Radowitch I just checked and it's still universal church spanish so how are you getting retro?

Edna Earle Gipson Edgeworth Barbara Radowitch I get it from Tuscaloosa, AL as I live about 45 miles north. It does not give any info on the channel as to what is coming on and I was searching for Retro Television Network and found this site. I also get The Family channel, Action, Revn and Heartland along with Retro all on the 22 channel, 22.1, 22.2, 22.3, 22.4, 22.5 and none give info on them. Sorry for the confusion. We have Spectrum cable and these sub channels are not on our line up here in alabama.

Barbara Radowitch Edna Earle Gipson Edgeworth OK your retro tv 22.2 is in a different state ours is in LA California 22.2 KWHY and we don't have it yet. Your lucky we don't get The Family Channel and The Action Channel and Heartland. Used to have Heartland but it was taken off for some dumb spanish channel. Your even luckier to have all them all lined up that in a row.

22h Edited

Edna Earle Gipson Edgeworth Barbara Radowitch we lost GET TV out of Birmingham which was very clear, when some stupid video channel took it's place. Sometimes the channels on 46 will pop in when I scan and that has about 7 channels and now including GET but they don't stay on long, usually about 2-3 days then GONE.......can't figure it out why. I checked Dishnet's channels and they now carry 11 of the sub channels I get on my antenna for free. we have charter spectrum and it only carries LAFF, ME TV, ANTENNA TV, H&I, ESCAPE AND PBS CREATE. we now get all those plus GRIT, DECADES, START, LIGHT(Roma Downey's channel), COMBO, the 5 on 22 all for free. there are still other channels like COZI and CHARGE TV we don't get yet but hoping we will some day soon. as a kid 1 of my favorite tv shows was Route 66, well it comes on 4 nights a week on the Action channel, I love it and that makes me happy, I just wish I knew what their lin up was. I can't sit and watch it all day and night to find out so I learn by accident.

Barbara Radowitch Edna Earle Gipson Edgeworth Maybe the channels on 46 Is getting low signal strength for some channels if the signal strength is below 16% the channels will cut out for other channels it's when the signal strength gets below 20% the chanels will cut out. Get a signal strength indicator to see if the channel is getting adequate signal strength.
37m Edited

Chester Brown I going to vote Retro TV as the best in customer service. I have had girlfriends who hated me ignore me less than Retro TV

(Apparently SOCAL LA/OC isn't the only market afflicted with "deafness" from Retro TV. And yes, Virginia, there's still NO UPDATE as of early June 27!!! Here are a few more fan comments from about a week ago.....)

Top Fan
Rondi Green Lumpkin Disappointed that you didn't not keep your promise on returning today Retro. You got us Los Angeles peoples hopes up..

Don Harkey Well, I reckon Retro TV's return to the L.A. area ain't gonna happen after all.....It's Monday June 17th & no word about why it didn't return on Saturday June 15th as it was supposed to. Really disappointed.......


Top Fan
Joe Gallo Same here in Chicago...nothing.


Top Fan
Austin Flack Pluto TV channel 77


Edwin Ruskin Nordrike Parker Don Harkey Agreed, I am still hoping but I don't expect it to happen... ��


Still NO UPDATE as of July 4 (Happy Birthday America!) and here are a few more recent and current postings.....

Anthony Washington Happy 4th of July, no retro TV in Houston Texas.

Top Fan
Rondi Green Lumpkin How's come your avoiding our questions on Retro LA wants to know if your coming to our station 482 or was it a lack of programing issues or the owner renig on the payment..why avoid the issue retrack a statement instead of voiding our questions..common curtsey..


Top Fan
Martin Verlander Not available in Seattle?

Top Fan
Joe Costanzo Thought you be back on 22.2 by now

Barbara Radowitch How about starting a go fund me for the missing episodes? If the fund is high enough a private collector will sell the episodes back.

Richard Summers Well we still don't have Retro TV in Los Angeles but if anyone has Spectrum (includes Charter and Time Warner) there is a web address that you can use to request that Spectrum add the channel to the ones they carry. Go to The form will ask for 1) First Name (no Last name) 2) City where you live 3) State 4) Zip Code 5) Favorite TV Channels (I recommend putting only 1 channel per request) This is available nationwide--not just in the Los Angeles area.
Top Fan

Felicia Lehmann How can I be a top fan when Comcast doesn’t carry this channel ��

Georgia Taylor I just contacted Spectrum and requested Retro TV. I have also tried to contact Retro directly to ask about returning to the LA area, but they never respond to my inquiries. Oh well.

Top Fan
Richard Summers I know. I have sent a message from this page on June 15 and June 23 and still have not received a reply (other than the automated response).

OTAFAN 22-Jun-2019 8:31 AM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
So what's REALLY going on with Retro TV returning to SOCAL LA/OC???

As of this early post, still NO update on Retro's Facebook page. Retro TV owes its fans an explanation. Delay? Change of a channel to another station? (Interestingly, last weekend, June 15, when promised to start broadcasting on KWHY 22-2, real channel 4, which turned out to be a no show, KDOC 56-10, real channel 12, was available again for lease after about two weeks of broadcasting an Asian Shopping Network. Is Retro TV in negotiations with KDOC now? Who knows since there's been NO update!)

Since "mum" seems to be the word from Retro TV presently, I took a look at KWHY 22s website with the attitude, "if you can't beat them, join them." There was no mention of Retro TV anywhere that I could see, but they did have an interesting article on recommended antennas to watch their channel with, (if you can't read Spanish or translate it's easy to figure out).

As I also mentioned at the beginning of this thread, the Winegard HD7000R and an RCA indoor rabbit ears amplified antenna are what they recommend to receive their current real channel 4. Plus seen are two of Antennas Direct outdoor models, but I believe those were when KWHY 22 was broadcasting on real channel 42.

Poking around on the Net for any other relevant information about this very frustrating issue, I came across KWHY 22s Wikipedia page and RabbitEars.Info current market information. Both state clearly that Retro TV will "Soon" (their specific word) begin broadcasting on 22.2, real channel 4. I've listed the links below.

But when will Retro TV actually return to the SOCAL LA/OC market's? That's the million dollar question. Until they update and clarify on their Facebook page, you might as well take your chance at the crap tables in Las Vegas!

Come on Retro TV, do right by your fans! And let us know when and where we can expect some of our favorite shows to return!

OTAFAN 10-Jul-2019 8:11 PM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
BREAKING NEWS.....Retro TV finally broke the silence this morning and replied to Top Fans Joe Costanzo and Rondi Green Lumpkin on their Facebook page about a return to Los Angeles, California. NO DATE announced as of yet, so stay tuned as they say.....

Top Fan
Joe Costanzo Still waiting for Retro in LA


Top Fan
Rondi Green Lumpkin I think LA giving up on you Retro..can't even give us any answers.....

Retro Television We're still working to make it happen and we apologize for the delay.

OTAFAN 30-Jul-2019 8:56 PM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
UPDATE.....All quiet on the Western Front, unfortunately.

No new postings from Retro TV of any sort as to a launching date for the SOCAL LA/OC markets. And no new postings from fans on Facebook. In fact, as of yesterday, Retro TVs webpage has been down with these words, "Error establishing a database connection." I checked with various search engines but to no avail. I looked at Luken Communications webpage, the parent organization of Retro TV and nothing mentioned there either. In fact, all of the other five family network links on their site loaded except Retro TV. Go figure???*

The only new information I can find was on Wikipedia for KWHY 22 (real channel 4), see above link, where as of 4 days ago when Wikipedia updated the page: "It is expected [according to whom?] at a future date, KWHY-DT2 will shift from Universal Church [disambiguation needed] to Retro Television Network programming." Apparently, Wikipedia is looking for clarification. And their page still shows Retro TV "coming soon" on the Digital channel listings for KWHY; just as, see above link, still lists as well.

So, hurry up and wait has become an understatement! And the latest news posted here sure doesn't help give fans of Retro TV any encouragement. All we've got is the last words from Retro TV about 3 weeks ago now, "We're still working to make it happen and we apologize for he delay."

*addendum: Retro TV website back up as of 7PM PST 7/31/19

HOLD Retro website back down as of this morning 8/8/19. Still NO UPDATES.....Site back up this AM 8/9/19.....

OTAFAN 23-Aug-2019 4:12 AM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
Literally there has been no posting on Retro TVs Facebook page since previous entry above. But this evening PST, there were a number of new comments by fans.

Although they were in response to a new Dr. Who show posted by Retro TV itself, they are relevant to the issue of returning to SOCAL. LA/OC isn't the only market without Retro TV right now. Others around the country are in a similar situation.

So, we continue to wait and hope. The key word is, "Soon." But it's anyone's guess as to what that actually means.....

Jose Alcaraz I finally gotten an old school antenna installed on my roof to get your channel and then come to find out out that you're no longer in Dallas, TX.
o 6h
o Edited
o Alex Newbold Or in Southern NH
 6h
• Fernando Screnci The old DR.WHO is the best Especially With Tom Baker!!!
o 5h
• Martin Verlander Not available in Seattle....
o 5h
• Mike Mellace Unfortunately retro tv not available in Charleston, WV area... We want retro tv now !!!
o 3h
• FreeAtlTV Please have your affiliate in Atlanta GA move RetroTV back to Channel 9. The signal on Channel 12 is too weak.
o 3h
o Matt Powers That is up to the affiliate, Retro has absolutely no control over where the affiliate places their channel. Usually the closer the network is to the top of the dial i.e. channel 2, 4, 9, etc. is because of the deal that have with the local network. If Retro isn't willing to pay for a top position on the channel then they will be placed in whatever spots are left.
 35m

FreeAtlTV Matt Powers I was hoping that RetroTV might have some say in where it is placed. I would think the cost would be the same for channel 9 and channel 12 since they are on the same tower and broadcasting at the same power (3kW). I think the only reason the affiliate moved them was so that all the Luken owned stations (The Family Channel, The Action Channel, and RetroTV) would be on the same channel. If RetroTV is losing viewers because of the move they might contact the affiliate. That may be wishful thinking on my part...

Jim Phipps Comcast is so quick to add other over the air channels to their lineup. what is it about Retro TV that they don't like? Is there something that you don't do that the other broadcast channels do? Comcast will never say why they won't add you but after all the years you have been available there must be something you are not doing that prevents you from being picked up by Comcast... and many other cable providers as well. Can someone tell us what that is or will we always only be able to watch you with an antenna?
• 1h

Some more fan comments on 8/23/19.....

Anniversary Follower
Jeff Cooper Cable companies are not required to carry any Low Power stations even the main .1 Spot. The cable companies deal with the individual local station not with Retro TV. They don't even carry all of a Full Power Sub-channels

Anthony M De Franco Retro TV in LA?
• 4h
Lloyd Hooten No Retro TV in Los Angeles. Too bad, so sad.
• 3h
Chris Alex I'd love to watch in LOS ANGELES.... but you lied about coming here.
• 50m

More fans calling for Retro TV in their cities on 8/24/19.....

VeeAnn Sattler Can't find Retro in Denver- again

Anniversary Follower
JJ Whitney Retro off in DC as well.

Anniversary Follower
Steven J Sillery Patiently waiting Retro's return to the NYC area.

Anniversary Follower
Londell Jones I've been waiting forever for Retro to come to Dallas, Texas.

Numerous posting continues on Retro TVs Facebook page by both Retro itself (new Dr. Who shows) and fans responding in various ways as above. But one of the most surprising is this comment by Anniversary Follower, Joe Costanzo, regarding a change in channels for Decades TV, opening up the possibility of Retro TV on KAZA MeTV 54-2 (virtual, real channel 22). Could this be true? I've found little confirmation of it so far (nothing on, except two places: and here: So, as they say, stay tuned.....

Anniversary Follower
Joe Costanzo We need Retro on LA TV 54.2 will be vacant when Decades moves to 11.2 next month
4h (8/24/19 7:53PM)

UPDATE: 8/28/19 shows Decades moving "Soon" to KCOP display 13-5, real channel 13 (or physically 13.9). CORRECTION? Posted 9/9/2019 on Decades website, "Where To Watch," they list KTTV 11-2 display, as to where they will be moving. So, we'll soon find out whether Joe Costanzo or is right. ADDED 9/10/2019 on, apparently Decades will be moving to KTTV 11-2 display, 11.4 physical. How did Joe Costanzo know??? ACTUALLY (9/17/2019) Decades website now lists KTTV 11-4 display AND KAZA 54-2 as to where to watch. On my TVs Screen Guide, indeed, it shows Decades on KTTV 11-4 display, physical 11, but no programs yet; KAZA 54-2 is still broadcasting Decades. Hopefully, this confusing mystery will be resolved very soon now.....As of 9/18/2019, Decades up on KTTV 11-4 display and KAZA 54-2 display; just like Me-TV on both KAZA 54-1 display and KDOC 56-3 display. KTTV 11-4 is a stronger signal, since KAZA has dropped their signal strength to about half due to construction of a new tower, it appears.

A couple more interesting but disturbing Facebook fan comments on 9/4/2019, regarding Denver, CO affiliate KZDN-LD, display 16-2, physical 14.10. Is Retro TV being mismanaged???

Rick Duffy Retro broadcast has been gone for me for a couple weeks (Denver channel 16.2). Is there a problem?
15h Edited

Jeff Cooper They were leasing the space, and they have not paid so the station dropped them.


More troubling posts from Retro TVs Facebook fans as of 9/18-19/2019, which reflect many more similar comments there.....

Jeff Smedbron Another great series ruined (Dr. Who--Ed.) by the local Retro TV carriers constant technical problems. Either no audio or no video daily for a month now. No audio today.

Michelle Heins I still cant get it in L.A.


Mark Saksa Same here. I haven’t been able to watch Retro for months. I wish they would fix their technical problems already or just take Retro off the air. It’s unwatchable in the Akron/Cleveland area.

Joe Costanzo Please get on an LA station

Fernando Screnci Joe Costanzo , if you have A really good cell phone or tablet, get the pluto App and you can watch it !!
2h Edited

Joe Costanzo Fernando Screnci I want the actual Retro Ch and I have Pluto already on my TV but ill scan channels see what is what,thanks for reply

OTAFAN 20-Sep-2019 6:30 AM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
More urgent pleas from fans, Richard Summers & Gary Fink on Retro TVs Facebook page. Perhaps a PC work around? Or rather, a Hail Mary???

Richard Summers Retro Television We need you on the air in LA (or on Spectrum)! Yes, I know I can watch on my computer on but I have not found a way to make the picture full screen. They have a program guide in the bottom third of the computer screen, and the top part shows the picture in only about a third of that area. So I would rather watch it on my 19 inch or 32 inch TV's (like I was able to do before February 2019 when it was taken off KBEH 63.3). [KBEH 63-3 display, 4 physical--Ed.]

Gary Fink I agree also there's a time zone difference you can't view the program in time zone it's being aired on the antenna of you area. It doesn't have a time zone setting like PST, MST CST, EST so you can set it to your time zone.

Or, perhaps fan Jeff Cooper is on to something???

Jeff Cooper You can make it full screen the icon is on the bottom right.
No doubt they want to be in all the markets that the can, (The deal with the other station fell through, which is why most Networks don't mention any future deal until it's all worked out)

If I had to guess, it has to do with the fact that most Networks prefer a Ad Revenue sharing deal with the Network getting 7 minutes (Per Hour) and the local station having 5 minutes to buy Commercials.

But more stations especially Low Power ones are wanting to lease the sub-channel for a monthly cost.

Here is what happens lets say it they charge 1,000 dollars a month (I have no clue what it really is) and Retro only takes in 500 dollars in Ad Revenue. so they lose 500 dollars each month instead of making money. X that by 5 different affiliates, and you are looking at a big loss.

That takes away from having money to purchase new series , which leads to more stations dropping them.

So they stop paying and get booted. That's not a good thing of course, but they do save that money to hopefully buy some more series.

OTAFAN 20-Oct-2019 10:28 PM

Retro TV Returns to SOCAL
After several weeks of a down website and continuous complaints by fans across the nation loosing their affiliates on their Facebook page, Retro TV is back online promising, "Big things are on the horizon. Stay tuned!" still shows KWHY 22-2, physical channel 4, as Retro TV coming "Soon."

So, as noted from near the beginning of this thread, we shall see if Retro TV finally returns to SOCAL and other markets across the land. Should we still keep our fingers crossed???


Darren Gross Welcome back to Los Angeles! Thank you thank you thank you!

Rondi Green Lumpkin Welcome back to LA .

Robert Wells My DVR alerted me a couple of weeks ago that KBEH was switching back, but I was waiting until it actually happened before posting anything!!!

Retro Television (posted 10/24/19)
4 hrs
We ba-ack! Los Angeles, California friends, catch The Best in Classic Television on KBEH 63.3, Spectrum 1293, and Frontier 469!

I can confirm that Retro TV has indeed returned to its previous SOCAL display channel, KBEH 63-3, physical channel 4; not as has listed on KWHY 22-2, real 4*. KBEH is transmitting off KWHY's tower. OTA viewers are going to need an antenna that can pick up low VHF as suggested in above posts, 1 & 8.

Let's hope Retro TV will return soon to other affiliates across the nation as well and join SOCAL fans in celebration!

*corrected 10/23/2019

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