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user name 30-Apr-2015 7:59 AM

Seeking VHF only (2-13) antenna
Seeking VHF only (channels 2-13), outdoor, medium size, about 20 or more elements, antenna. What suppliers do you recommend?

ADTech 30-Apr-2015 12:21 PM

Such an antenna for consumers hasn't been made for years, probably not in the last decade.

GroundUrMast 2-May-2015 3:25 PM

You may be one of the very few OTA viewers who have only real VHF channels in use in your area... So I have to wonder, are you sure that the signals you're trying to receive are really broadcast on VHF? Don't be fooled by the virtual channel number you see displayed by your tuner, the real channel used for over the air broadcasting is very often different. You may need UHF capability.

Please consider posting a link to your reception report in the 'Help with Reception' section of the forum.

ADTech 2-May-2015 5:26 PM

Except for translator-only areas, there's only one market in this whole country that doesn't need a UHF antenna, Bangor, ME.

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