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Jason l 28-Apr-2015 12:59 PM

close up picture
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these are a bit unsightly.and WORK great! still better to look at than the old channel master that was beet up

Jason l 28-Apr-2015 1:05 PM

old channel master
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this is the one I finally took down and put to rest

Jason l 28-Apr-2015 1:08 PM

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up close pic of the old cm

Jason l 28-Apr-2015 3:58 PM

boom lift
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here I am at the peak of happyness

Jason l 29-Apr-2015 10:44 AM

results from diy 8 bay bowtie
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very pleased I am 60 channels now that I am at tree top height I can turn antenna west and pick up channels across lake Michigan Wisconsin channels they don't appear on my TV chart also some from Indiana local &Chicago local don't show up on my tv fool chart. I put a Manuel rotor I can turn buy hand pipe to the ground in the center of the tower. Almost visible in picture. The Chicago & Indiana channels are not high signal Wisconsin is a bit time goes buy I will make a list of channels I get so neat to get new FREE channels I think one channel was cozy TV. These results are from east weatherman antenna & WINE GARD 8275 preamp.

Greenish Apple 29-Apr-2015 7:02 PM

Are they two separate 8 bay bowtie antennas?


Jason l 29-Apr-2015 9:49 PM

Two 8 bays
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yes the white one is my old one made from aluminum wire. It works well especially on vhf possibly from wider reflector. I herd someone say you can never have to many antennas. Lol.......Here is a pic of three of my 4 antennas.

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