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panduck 27-Mar-2015 1:16 AM

advice needed on antenna
hi everyone
new forum been reading a lot, I have a cm 3020, cm rotor and cm amp not sure what model amp is has adjustable gain and 2 TV's output, we had a tornado a couple years ago and removed antenna from chimney mount, I straightened it mostly before I was receiving all vhf from Montgomery al, Birmingham al, and Columbus ga. and a couple uhf but now can only receive vhf with 75 to 90 % signal so I was considering hd stacker but cannot get specs so now what I have read I would get better signal with separate antenna's I was thinking 91xg for uhf and y 10 7-13 no not worried about low vhf. would this work for better reception than 3020

hopefully link to tv fool report posted tnks all

StephanieS 21-Apr-2015 12:36 PM

Greetings Panduck,

Apologies that no one got back to you. I'll do my best to sum up your situation as I see it. In short, it's challenging. You've got Columbus and Montgomery in there and both are extremely weak.

You are on the right track with the Y10713. For VHF, it'll be your go to. Instead of the 91XG, I would suggest a Antennas Direct DB8e instead.

Before I get any deeper in. Would you post additional plots of 50' and 75' for your address? I want to see if there is any signal improvement. Also your original post is block level, if we could get it to your address only, that'd be perfect.


EDIT: I took the liberty of doing a city level TVfool plot at 75'. The good news is that signal access improves. The bad news is you will possibly need to go UP.

Early possibility for full affiliate coverage:
Magnetic 230: WAKA (CBS), WNCF (ABC), WAIQ (PBS)
Magnetic 205: WCOV (FOX)

Magnetic 205: WSFA (NBC)

Others may come in, but my goal is to concentrate on full set of reliable major signals.

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