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zanson 1-Aug-2013 11:08 PM

Best antenna for Channel 13 at 50 miles (75km)
my fool report:
Channeln13 is shown as pending even though its been running for years.

I made a simple uhf antenna a few years ago which works great for Global and CTV but they turned off the local CBC repeater and now the closest signal is channel 13 from Charlottetown, 50 miles/75 km away from my location . At 20' above ground tvfool suggests that my Noise
Margin is -3 dB. I don't mind building or buying an antenna but I'm worried about getting a reliable signal. I really like the size of the ClearStream c5 and that it has a good uhf/vhf combiner but maybe I need something with more gain like the Wineguard YA-1713 and a uhf/vhf combiner.

I plan on distributing reception to 2-3 tv sets.

Even though I currently have a setup with the diy antenna, I'm rebuilding everything and running new wires to be more direct and am planning a roof mount antenna(s).

Any suggestions as to what would good for my situation.



GroundUrMast 1-Aug-2013 11:25 PM

Sadly, the Winegard product line has had several antennas discontinued recently. The YA1713 was one of those items.

Antennacraft still offers the Y10713 and it's a very good option in your case. Given the low signal levels, you'll need to go into the project with the understanding that until you try, you aren't going to be certain of the final results.

If you try a single Y10713 and find marginal results, you still have the option of stacking a second identical antenna. If done correctly, you could net another couple of dB gain out of the combination.

Here is a Yagi design calculator if you want to build your own...

Consider that is some cases, a tower may be more productive than an antenna or amplifier alone.

zanson 2-Aug-2013 12:02 AM

Thanks for the quick reply and advice. I can get Antennacraft y10713 from amazon easy enough. Looks like a beast at 10 feet long. I presume I'd mount this on top of the mast with a small uhf below, both connected to a vhf/uhf joiner, then to a small distributor down the line further. Any recommendations on a joiner? Secondly, I'll be mounting the mast from a gable end, with such a big antenna in a fairly windy area, how far can I run a 2" metal mast above the peak without worry?


GroundUrMast 2-Aug-2013 1:44 AM

I have been delighted with the Antennas Direct EU385CF UHF/VHF Antenna Combiner. It mounts with no hassle, and protects the connections from the weather.

I've been fairly comfortable using wall or gable brackets with a 10' section of 1 3/8" OD mast. I have generally put about 7' of mast above the top mounting clamp, leaving about 3' between the upper and lower brackets. Never any failure even after hurricane strength storms.

I've always guyed masts that have more than one section.

A preamp such as the Winegard HDP-269 or Channel Master CM-7778 would drive a 4-way splitter and over 100' of coax with power to spare.

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