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kkozuch1 17-Oct-2012 4:09 AM

Antenna and Equipment choice help
Hi, I am looking at cutting the cord at a new house we are moving to (Not currently there). I would be almost equal distance from Milwaukee and Chicago. Im wondering if there would be a way from my location to get reception from both markets by using just one antenna. If it is not then I would be more interested in the chicago channels. What antenna would be good from this distance? It would be mounted out side, about 20 feet above the ground. There would be only one or two tv's. What kind of splitter would you recommend and if an amp, which one?

Here is my Tv Signal analysis

teleview 17-Oct-2012 6:53 AM

A Simple reception situation.

For the Chicago Digital Tv stations/channels.

Above the roof install a Winegard HD7084P antenna with a Winegard AP8700 preamp , aimed at about 148 dgree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim antennas ,

For 1 Tv connection use no splitter.

For 2 Tv's connected use a , HFS-2D , 2 way splitter.

For 3 Tv's connected use a , HFS-3D , 3 way splitter.

For 4 Tv's connected use a , HFS-4D , 4 way splitter.

Buy the HFS splitters at , , or ,

Here are some strong and sturdy antenna mounts , , , ,

Here are some places to buy antennas and etc. , , ,

As always , trees and tree leaves do a real fine job of reducing or blocking Tv reception and so do buildings and other obstructions.

It is best to install the Tv antenna at a location that has the least amount to no amount of obstructions of any type or kind in the directions of reception.

The Tv/s Must Channel Scan for the Broadcast Tv channels , sometimes named the 'Air Channels' or 'Antenna Channels' in the Tv setup menu because the Tv transmissions travel through the air from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna.

DO NOT channel scan for cable tv channels.

signals unlimited 17-Oct-2012 12:44 PM

Single antenna reception solution
For a single antenna set-up, I recommend you install an Antennacraft HBU55 antenna and a Winegard AP8700 amplifier. Use a Channel Master 9521 rotor to change directions for reception of the duel markets and more.

For a two set hook-up install a two way splitter with a DC path to provide un interrupted power from the power supply to the amplifier.

When installing, be sure to set the rotor to end of rotation, then aim the rotor and antenna to magnetic North. With that you will be able to use the TVF report to locate all of the channels on the report.

kkozuch1 17-Oct-2012 2:35 PM

Okay thank you, now if i didn't want to use the rotor and just wanted to get stations from the chicago area, would you recommend the same equipment or and a different selection?

elmo 17-Oct-2012 3:49 PM

Just FYI - What would work for pulling both is something like a dual tuner, dual input device like an older model HDHomerun. (newer dual-tuner HDHR's are utilizing a single coax input, why, I don't know.) Using it, you can connect two different antennas w/o worry and tune into each as needed. But it's more complex than that. The HDHR is designed to put those TV signals on your computer network, which allows any PC to watch TV. I have a similar setup, where I utilize them using Windows Media Center on a small PC that's connected to my TV via HDMI. I can surf channels and Media Center tunes to the necessary tuner (antenna) as needed, so it's seamless after it is setup. The channel setup is pretty automatic, and it can be fine tuned afterwards if you like. Getting the "infrastructure" setup is not the easiest thing to do, but if you are geeky, it works pretty well.

Another option would be anything that accepts dual inputs, like a TV with a dual tuner and dual coax inputs. Or a TIVO if it offers such a configuration. I don't know what devices support that, if they exist. Old non-HD sets with dual tuners seemed to be plentiful, but it's not yet the case with HDTV's, from what I've seen. I guess the PIP concept just didn't get used enough for the avg consumer?

The "omni directional" antennas likely won't work well enough at the distance you show. I don't know much about them nor if they are all that either, but I'd think they work best when you are much closer to towers.

signals unlimited 17-Oct-2012 4:18 PM

Yes I would use the same set-up even with one direction.

You can add the rotor later. If adding later use an Eagel Aspen Roto100 rotor. This rotor uses the coax for operation which eliminates the need to add the rotor cable, however you must use the Winegard AP8700 amplifier for compatability with that configuration.

kkozuch1 17-Oct-2012 5:16 PM

Thank you very much for the info on the antenna. Is there any other options for antennas that you would use or just that one exclusively? And you would for sure use a pre amp? Correct?

signals unlimited 17-Oct-2012 8:55 PM

You can use any similar High VHF/UHF antenna and a pre-amplifier.

The HBU55 is a very good choice for your reception.

teleview 18-Oct-2012 12:56 AM

Your location has receivable Digital Tv stations/channels in All 3 Tv bands of ,

VHF low band channels 2 thru 6.

VHF high band channels 7 thru 13.

UHF band channels 14 thru 51.

The HBU55 Is Not Designed to receive , VHF low band channels 2 thru 6.

-->The HD7084P is designed to receive ALL the Digital Broadcast Tv channels <--.

Here are 2 VHF low band channels the HD7084P is designed to receive.

WIWN VHF low band channel 05 . In the Milwaukee direction.


WOCK-CD VHF low band channel 04. , America One , In the Chicago direction.


Tv antenna rotators are Not channel surfing friendly , must wait for antenna to rotate and not every one in the house will agree on the direction the antenna is aimed.

For your reception situation I recommend install the HD7084P antenna system for reception of Chicago Tv stations.

As a test to see if you will like to receive the Milwaukee Stations , by hand , aim the HD7084P antenna at about 17 degree magnetic compass direction.

If you choose to receive the Milwaukee stations install a second HD7084P antenna system that is set up the same as the antenna system for the Chicago Tv stations.

The Chicago and Milwaukee Tv antennas systems will be Separate antenna systems all the way to the locations of the Tv's and Will Not be connected together on to one coax.

The Separate antenna systems will be connected to a Remote control A/B antenna coax switch at each Tv location. , #32-4425 , or , , #15-1968.

Remote control A/B antenna switching Is Channel Surfing Friendly , press the button on the hand held remote control , change antennas and keep on channel surfing at each Tv location in the house.

kkozuch1 18-Oct-2012 6:26 AM

Thank you very much for the info about the antena. Is there a certain kind of cable you guys recommend, i mean a certain brand over another for use with antennas?

teleview 18-Oct-2012 6:58 AM

Common RG-6 coax that you will find at Home Depot or Lowes is Ok to use.

RG-6 quad shield coax is not required , however you can use it if you choose.

kkozuch1 20-Oct-2012 3:11 PM

Thank you again the the information, is this the amplifier you guys are talking about

teleview 21-Oct-2012 1:37 AM

Yes that is a Winegard AP8700.

kkozuch1 23-Oct-2012 3:25 PM

I see that you recommended the Ronard 3442 eave mount. I think i would be interested in a mount like that. Does anyone have any other suggestions for mounts? I tried looking around for some reviews, but couldn't find to many. Even if it is a different type of mount does anyone recommend a specific mount over another?

teleview 23-Oct-2012 4:11 PM

I recommend the 4560 eave mount , to get more distance between the top bracket and bottom long bracket to provide a more stable mounting for the mast pipe and the big antenna.

The Ronard antenna mounts are made of high quality thick steal and put together with real heavy duty nuts and bolts.

Antenna mounts are chosen by the requirements of the situation.

Type , antenna mounts , tv antenna mounts , antenna mounting and etc. in the google search box.

Here is another excellent antenna mount ,

Or can use push up poles with guy wires.

More types and kinds of antenna mounts can be found at ,


However many people now days make all their choices based on what it looks like.

Or how many positive reviews something has.

Or these words --> The most popular selling!!!

Or these words --> Sold more then brand X.

kkozuch1 1-Aug-2013 6:59 PM

Hi, I know this is bringing up an older post but i installed the winegard antenna that you guys recommended for a one tv setup, and everything worked great. Recently i bought a new tv and went to a two tv setup. I split the antenna cable with this splitter

The tvs started to get weak signals from the antennas, so i assumed i would need to put in the pre amp the winegard 8700 that you guys also recommended. I never put the pre amp on there earlier because with the single tv it worked great. The cable from the antenna to the splitter is 50 ft, then splits off to the two different tv in lengths of 50 and 15. Now i connected the pre amp and now i get no signals at all. I tried to switch the switch for the fm trap but i don't get any signal at all on either of the setting. I i kill the power to the pre amp i get a few shows but worse then before. Is there something that i have setup wrong? or why can't i get it to work? If you need for info on my setup just let me know.

kkozuch1 1-Aug-2013 7:14 PM

The coxial cable from the antenna to the pre amp is about 15 ft, is that two long of a run?

GroundUrMast 1-Aug-2013 7:27 PM

Ideally, the preamp unit will be located at the antenna (outside) and power insertion block would be located between the splitter and antenna (inside, protected from the weather).

It's possible to make things work with the power insertion block between the splitter and TV, but the splitter must be able to pass power (which yours is advertised to do)... But, it must not pass power to the second TV... that may short the power supply which could produce the symptoms you're reporting.

15' from the antenna to the preamp is a bit longer than ideal but not enough to cause the symptoms you've described.

Don't rule out the possibility of a bad cable or connector.

kkozuch1 1-Aug-2013 7:31 PM

The setup goes the antenna, to the preamp, to the power inserter, to the splitter. So i think everything is inline there. I just got new cables, so i don't think that is the problem. If it was the cable then i would get no reception at all when the preamp was turned off but i do get some channels, but not all that i should be.

kkozuch1 1-Aug-2013 7:33 PM

The red led on the power inserter is on too. I don't know much about the fm trap, i get that i could have fm signals that are close to me, but would that result in no channels at all?

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