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ohazco 18-Oct-2013 4:03 AM

More Advice
Been running great for a year now thanks to everyone's advice. Back for more, this time for a co-worker. He gets the local ABC, CBS, and PBS with rabbit ears but would like to have one centralized antenna (will put on existing tower with non-functioning antenna) and also at least add NBC (12), it looks like Denver translators are out of range for him. I know I can find a vhf antenna and pre-amp to get 12, but I don't know how it works looking right past a much more powerful 10. Advice? Thanks again!

GroundUrMast 18-Oct-2013 6:34 AM

Trying for KSNK, real CH-12 would call for an Antennacraft Y10713. As you have already concluded, the task is made more difficult given the powerful signal on CH-10 which limits you to using a preamplifier that has the ability to tolerate strong input levels. You could try an RCA TVPRAMP1R though I think you'll find it to be at the edge of overloading. I've used a Channel Master CM-3410 + PCTMPI1G power inserter in this sort of situation, you also need to use a weather proof enclosure on the mast to protect the amplifier unit. In the end, you need some good fortune to pull this off.

If the single Y10713 and preamp failed, I would also consider a stacked pair of Y10713's as a 'back-up' plan. This would certainly be an experimental project. I might contact and ask their opinion about a preselector filter also.

The two UHF signals should be an easy 'get'. I'd use a DB2e... Though the DB4e would not be overkill.

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