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Conversation Between rabbit73 and Nascarken
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  1. Nascarken
    5-Aug-2018 10:08 PM
    Hello Rabbit,73,I know that my SPELLING sucks but I know that you are i n
    To the R,F ok if you are a ham radio station and I do not mean to come off
    Strong I have been kicked out of 2 forms and you know hoo I am and I am old school
    With Rf weather your receive of transmitting,ok like I said my SPELLING sucks I
    Would like to get a Phone call frum you and the v antenna set-up HDB91 and look at the
    Ljgth of the feed line frum the T to the ANTENNA ?? Hamer with the channel master amp?
    I would like you to do me a favor rabbit 73,and let tock,but you let me know!!thanks for your in fo will receive BROADCASTING station let's get it done
    Well 73rabbit 73,
  2. Nascarken
    3-May-2018 7:44 PM
    Ok thank you for your time Rabbit ears 73 for know!!
    And what about WTNH channel 8 low band vhf in CT state.
    Zip code is good 65ft AGL 15 01129 8200U for antenna.
  3. rabbit73
    3-May-2018 12:35 AM
    No mod possible. You will have to wait for ATSC 3 tuner. First tuners now available cost $800. You must be patient and wait. Anyway, there aren't many ATSC signals yet to receive; only from a few test transmitters that are not in your area.
  4. Nascarken
    2-May-2018 11:41 AM
    Hello Rabbit what I have read about the channel master 7001 is that a ham radio operates
    Dezine,for Channel master with their 2,turners in size KHZ and MHZ turners or chip can or is there any mod that I can do for the new ATSC,3.And 73 for know.
  5. Nascarken
    4-Jul-2016 10:13 PM
    We'll I have a Question HD 8200u winegard stagger stack 85Ft A G L maybe 45 and can I single out the, VHF, separate the uhf ,for a mast mount amplifier VHF/uhf will it work zip code 01550, is true for the tv fool report ,and will it recive well with the LOW VHF.
  6. Nascarken
    30-Jun-2016 2:57 PM
    We'll good day to you

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