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16-May-2011, 4:40 PM
I want to mount a Y5-7-13 antenna to a directv mast Looking up, it looks as if the directv mast looks as if it has a larger diameter mast. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do to mount antenna directly to the mast? I was thinking on "Bolting" a smaller diameter mast to the directv one, then, mounting the antenna to the smaller mast, but I am sort of afraid of the antenna rocking around in the wind alot. Thanks for any advice you can render.

16-May-2011, 6:00 PM
The mounting brackets of most antennas can accommodate a round mast of up to 2" outer diameter. Most "TV masts" have a 1.5" o.d., but as long as your dish mount pole is under 2" o.d., you can probably use it directly.

Note that TV antennas extend out further than a dish. With the mast mount in the middle of most antennas, you have to make sure you have enough clearance around the mast for the antenna to fit (and point the direction you want). Position the mast so that the antenna points toward the horizon rather than up at the sky, and try to keep the antenna clear of other metal objects as much as possible.

If you do need to add a second mast to the dish mount, you can drill a small hole and use a set screw to minimize any mast rotation/movement. Fortunately, the Y5-7-13 is a relatively light antenna.

16-May-2011, 6:28 PM
I own a Y5713 (attic mounted). The U-bolt will not fit on pipe or tube greater than 1.5" OD. My Antennas Direct XG91 mast clamp is larger and will work with 2" max OD.

A non-destructive method of attaching a 3 or 5 foot antenna mast to the larger diameter dish J'pole would be to use stainless worm-drive hose clamps (2 or 3) to clamp the additional mast to the outside of the existing mast.

Auto parts stores and home improvement centers stock various sizes.

Drilling through both masts, and bolting the two tubes outside to outside is another option that will provide a stable connection.

I would avoid going much higher than the original height of the sat. dish unless guy wires were added. I'd hate to see the base ripped out of the roof deck.

16-May-2011, 9:12 PM
You can use a connector used for chain link fence support structures and available at most hardware stores. Insert one end into the DirecTV J-mount and secure it with bolts or screws, and then use the other end to mount your antenna.

16-May-2011, 10:34 PM
Thanks for the replies, I think I am going to go with a Vent pipe mount, the vent pipe is on the back of my house, however, with a mast attached to it, the antenna will be able to see over the peak of the roof. I do have to say I am not looking foward to having to take off those directv masts, I know they can reek havoc with roofing tiles., thanks again for the advice.

John Candle
17-May-2011, 1:22 AM
Can also use a peak of the roof eave mount or if the house has a chimney , a chimney mount. Here are places to buy , vent pipe clamp mounts , peak of the roof eave mounts , chimney mounts , http://www.3starinc.com , http://www.solidsignal.com , http://www.starkelectronic.com

17-May-2011, 9:31 AM
The peak of roof mount is out as I have a peak vent running right down the middle of the roof. I then thought about using a tripod, but did not want to run guide wires all over the place, although the antenna weighs practically nothing so that might be an option, but the vent pipe mount I think is my best bet, I will check that out over at solid signal. Thanks again everyone for your help on this, if I can ever figure out how to post a pic, I will.

21-May-2011, 5:20 AM
GC 8799 $9.99 ea Vent Mount
Up to 1 1/4" mast
Up to 3" pipe

I bought one of these from Starke electronics in Worcester mass(Online that is) and it came in today, I am going to order another one, this will work "Perfectly" for reusning those Masts